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note: last stable version is 0.00007

2003-06-06 for those who cannot access the cvs repo: grab the nightly tarball of cvs

2003-06-06 new package feed for OZ32, with xmms 0.00007 and freshly compiled mplayer

2003-06-06 xmms 0.00007 for OZ3.2 is available !

2003-04-09 xmms 0.00006 for OZ3.2 is available in the oz testing feed

2002-12-15 xmms 0.00005 final for OZ3.x is available in the OZ3.1rc1 feed

2002-12-15 xmms feed is not updated anymore, as xmms is now part of OpenZaurus, and available from any recent oz feed!

2002-11-30 There is also an unstable ipk feed at

2002-11-30 xmms 0.00005pre1 is released - faster movie playback, ogm support in mplayer, also light stays on during video

2002-11-23 xmms 0.00005pre0 is released, this is a testing version, but stable is near
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