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Differences between xmms and xmms-embedded

Shoutcast/Icecast stream recognition

If a streams url doesn't end with .ogg or .mp3 it will not be recognized. You need to append :mp3 or :ogg to force recognition of stream.

Playlist editor differences

The buttons are different, because the playlist editor works a bit different from the original xmms version.

If you press "SUB" you can select the files you want to remove from playlist. "ADD" button is cancel

If you press "move" you can select a file - then if you press "ADD" or "SUB" the file is moved up/down (except when it is the current song). If you press move again, the playlist returns to the duty of highlighting the current song.

Customizing options/features of xmms

There is no graphical options page. However there is configfile, ~/.xmms/config . You can edit that, the usefull options are eg:
- fullscreendefault : whether to play movies in fullscreen by default
- http_buffer_size : buffer size when streaming (seaparte for ogg and mp3 - for mp3 it's in bytes, for ogg imho it is in kbytes)

Does xmms work on the Z with the Sharp rom ?

The last version that worked on the sharp rom -0.00005pre1- is availeble in the feed. Later versions don't work out of the box, and lack some features if made to work on the sharp rom (I wonder if anybody tried that btw).

Does xmms work on the hp ipaq + opie ?

Several people have reported that it works. xmms and all it's dependencies should be grabbed from the OZ feed. Reports about success (or failure) are welcome!

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