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What's new in 0.00007 (requires OZ 3.2 at least)
- noise when playing music with some odd sample rate (eg 32khz) is gone
- /dev/dsp1 is closed when speaker not used
- vorbis plugin gives feedback to user when buffering icecast stream
- should work when built with gcc3 (not tested)

What's new in 0.00006 (requires OZ 3.2 at least)
- screen is not switched on between songs (if it was switched off)
- headphone is detected if plugged in, otherwise music plays through buzzer (except when 
playing movies with mplayerplugin)
- mplayerplugin + mplayer work better than ever with the new sound driver in OZ3.2

What's new in 0.00005-2
- id3 segfault fixed

What's new in 0.00005 final
- xmms is official part of OpenZaurus - and available from any recent OZ feed
- ogg seeking is fixed (problem pointed out by Dustin Neal)
- mp3's that crashed libid3tag (reported by Guylhem Aznar) are now worked around
  ( now track number is not fetched from id3 tag ;) )
- light off is now really disabled while playing movie :]
- filebrowser shows hidden files
- all files with .mp3 extension are recognized as mp3 (ugly, but lame 3.91
  encoded files were not recognized(there is ~512 byte zeros at the beginning -
  pointed out by Cam)
- when deleting from playlist, add button acts as cancel
- new icon for xmms (thanks to Aman Gupta for finding this nice icon)

What's new in 0.00005pre1
- mplayer compiled with ogm support and sdl audio driver - now it shall play
uninterrupted most of the time  (Thanks to Aman Gupta for the mplayer configuring
ideas, including using sdl for sound output)
- ogg plugin now uses Tremor
- light off is disabled while playing movie (diming light is not)
- cancel quits xmms most of the time

What's new in 0.00005pre0 ?

- mplayer 0.90pre 10 support
- shuffle & repeat buttons
- skins! (except for skin-macosx the buttons have wrong labels, because their
functions are a bit  different from the original xmms buttons)
- xmms is split in to more ipks, the main has only ogg mp3 and wav
support+gui (but no skin, that's needed too)
- filemanager window has one coloumn, some fixes to it
- ogg streaming working - important notice: if the url has no extension (.ogg
or .mp3) :mp3 or :ogg has to be appended, to force recognition
-xmms-embedded can be controlled by the keys on the zaurus:
middle: pause/play
ok:stop (most of the time :)
cancel: no effect
cursor up/down volume as it was
cursor left/right seek/skip as it was
- switching from full screen to window and back when playing movie (well, probably it was in 0.00004pre3)
- xmms-mad http buffer size as an option in ~/.xmms/config

What's new in 0.00004pre0-2

- cf/sd install should work (worked for me)
- sid playback consumes 5-6% cpu in "cd quality" instead of
previuous 99-102 % ;) (Markus Gritsch pointed out that sidplay
can use integer arithmetics instead of the fpu)
- better gui when playing movie, seeking too

What's new in 0.00003c

- - loading playlist on startup
- - movie playback with mplayer!
- - shorten (.shn) playback - lossless compressor

What's new in 0.00003

- long loading time for mp3s 
- title searching in separate thread 
- seek 
- url window normal size 
- eject button working 
- sidplay sampling rate decreased to 22050 
- ff-rew / forward / back /volume with zaurus cursor buttons 
- volume slider
- changed from OFileSelector to the qtopia filemanager class (FileBrowser),
  also adding directory is now possible 
- libxmms-mad is hopefully not leaking memory anymore
- libxmms-mad plays any mp3, be it mono/stereo , 0-44100khz
- libxmms-mad plays any mp3 stream too, it is also a bit more stable,
although not perfect - if you start playing a stream it is buffering
 for a few seconds, that delay is normal. But even than the gui does not
hang , most of the time.
- suspend is disabled while playing, enabled when stopped or on exit

What's new in 0.00002

- first working version

What's new in 0.00001

- first version of xmms-embedded, ipk & program was broken :)

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