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Xmms-embedded features

Supported file formats

libsidplay: .psid, .sid, .dat, .inf, .info
libmad: .mp3 , .mp2, .mp1 (?) - checks header not file extension
libwav: .wav
libmikmod: .amf, .669, .dsm., .far, .it (with filter effects), .m15, .med, .mod, .mtm, .s3m, .stm, .ult, .xm, .imf, .gdm, .stx
libogg: .ogg - checks header, not file extension (?)
libshoretn: .shn files (lossless compression format)
libmplayer+mplayer: .asf .mov .avi .mpg .ogm and other formats, many codecs too(eg.divx, wmv, whatever)
libflac: flac (lossless compression format)
playlist: xmms supports .m3u and .pls playlists

Http streaming of mp3 and ogg is supported (shoutcast, icecast). SourceForge Logo

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